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I met with a new client recently and listened as they described their fifteen month attempt at getting a home loan modification. This time, though, the client had retained a national law firm to negotiated the modification. Did I mention they had been at this for fifteen months with professional assistance? The arrears now extended into the tens of thousands of dollars. They want to save their home!

My heart went out to them and I ended up feeling bad for being so negative about their prospects for finally getting the modification in place. They showed me a correspondence asking for just two more documents. So close….oh, why can I not encourage them on and give them some hope that these last two documents really would be the last two? What if they really are that close and here I am discouraging them? I am sure I mentioned the fifteen months invested so far…Sorry, I really want to be hopeful for them and I just keep being negative.

I want this home loan modification to work, but the best I can muster is this: I absolutely believe that miracles happen every day. Truly I do. I know this may sound like sarcasm and to a certain extent it is because I find it easier to believe the lame walking and the blind seeing than I do a bank modifying a loan voluntarily. But, I do believe in miracles and so I believe that home loan modifications happen. In fact, I have personal knowledge of one. I just ask that folks consider where their hope is springing from. If your hope is based solely in the representations made by the bank, then it is time to get a back up plan and start preparing along other lines. If you have hired an agency or law firm to do a modification, they need to be able to show you if your income, expenses and home loan debt fall within the ranges where you should qualify. Otherwise, take your business elsewhere.

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