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Delinquent Property Taxes and the EDKY Chapter 13 Plan

I still do the plan by hand because of these little quirks. Thanks for the information.

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Where should fully secured delinquent property tax claims be listed in the new chapter 13 plan form?  Debtors’ attorneys and attorneys representing mortgage creditors need to make sure these claims are listed in the plan in such a way as to ensure they are paid in full.

For a refresher on property taxes under Kentucky law, how they should be paid in a chapter 13 case in general, and interest rates on the claims, click here.  For this post, we’re only looking at where in the plan fully secured delinquent property tax claims held by third-party purchasers should be listed.

The logical place to list the claims is under Section 3.2 of the plan: “Request for valuation of security, payment of fully secured claims, and modification of undersecured claims.”  It’s interesting that the heading includes “payment of fully secured claims,” but that’s easier said than done.

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