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Letting go is hard to do (or Home loan arrears)

We grow very attached to our homes. There is such a long heritage of home ownership being part of the American dream. Many who immigrated here long ago could have never attained to being a land owner and the new life in America created the opportunity and hunger for this hallmark of the gentry in the old country. This latest recession took a huge swipe at that American dream and one of the hardest parts of my job is helping a debtor realize when they just cannot hang onto their land.

The most common way this plays out is when a home owner has done all they can to stay on top of debts in the face of dwindling resources. They seek out a home loan modification to stave off financial devastation. Most lenders, though they are not required to do so, insist that the home owner stop making payments while they “process” the paperwork. This creates a bind, though, because almost no one sets that money aside to cure the arrears in the event the modification fails. And, once that payment is missed, then lender has the right to accelerate the mortgage and foreclose.

Chapter 13 is a great tool to save a home because it forces the lender to allow arrears to be paid, without additional interest, over 60 months. But, they home owner debtor must show they can afford the payments needed to pay the ongoing loan obligation PLUS pay enough plan payments to cure the arrears. There comes a point for each debtor where the arrears simply surpass their ability to catch them up in that 5 year window. When this point is reached, I am forced to give them the news that they cannot revive their home; it is too late. Some receive the news and surrender to the inevitable and others refuse to believe they are out of options.

The important thing to do if you have arrears mounting on your home loan debt, is to get solid bankruptcy counsel early on. When you allow time for planning, the chances of saving the home are maximized.

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