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Bankruptcy Consultation Assurance

Since I wrote about a fee experiment  concerning discounts on my fees, I felt the need to re-state something that I have written about long ago: my consultation assurance. Simply, if you come in to consult with me about filing a bankruptcy and there appears to be a way to avoid filing, I will let you know what that option is and steps to take to make it work. I do not offer a short 30 minute consultation. That barely gets the basic facts out on the table. While I do shoot to keep them right at an hour, I have often gone longer to make sure I have explained everything as clearly as possible. This includes laying out the various options.

I make this assurance because bankruptcy should never be taken lightly. For many who come to me, they have already exhausted every option, or at least the ones they can live with. And there are a large number of folks who have gotten some direction and walked away with the information to make their business or finances work without filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.


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