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February Bankruptcy Fees Experiment

An online marketing firm recently approached me about sending me potential bankruptcy clients for a fee per call. It really is an intriguing notion except for one thing. I keep my overhead EXTREMELY low. Because I keep my overhead extremely low, I am able to offer consistently low fees on Chapter 7s and pre-petition fees on Chapter 13s (most post petition fees are paid through the plan). Since part of keeping the overhead low is that I do my own petition preparation rather than a paralegal or secretary. This also eliminates mistakes and quality issues because the work is all done by an experienced attorney – namely myself. If I went with this online marketing option, I run the risk of significantly increasing my overhead.

So, I wanted to conduct an experiment for the month of February to see if I could garner more interest from you, the potential bankruptcy client, while minimizing the impact on my overhead. Anyone who calls, comes in for an initial consult, and retains me to file a bankruptcy in the month of February, 2013 will receive either $50.00 off of their Chapter 7 attorney fees or $100.00 off of Chapter 13 attorney fees. The only other caveat is that the bankruptcy must be filed by the end of March, 2013. While I do not have bargain basement fees for good reason, I do already keep them very lean. I hope to hear from you if you are struggling with debt and believe that you are approaching the bankruptcy as your best option stage. If the experiment goes well, I will be looking at putting certain incentives in on a more permanent basis.


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