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It is my practice to meet with my potential bankruptcy clients for about an hour for an initial consult. And, even though time is a lawyer’s stock in trade, I tell them that if they decide not to use my services then they owe me nothing. This just seems like good business. Most of those clients walk out my door with a lot of information, clear next steps in preparing for a bankruptcy if they choose to pursue it, and the exact same amount of money as they walked into my office with. And, most of those people come back to get they help I am offering them.

What I am describing is the opposite of the hard sale. You have experienced a hard sale technique I am certain. This is where the person you are talking to pushes you to sign the contract or put down a deposit right then and there. They do this because most customers who walk away without investing in the product or service being sold will never come back again. However, I despise the hard sale approach and so I do not do this to my customers.

I think these potential clients are actually relieved when I walk them to the door without pressuring them to sign up right then and there. Maybe I would “land” more clients if I did try to scare them about dire consequences for not acting RIGHT AWAY, but I prefer to just tell them the truth. After all, most folks facing bankruptcy have already had their fair share of debt collectors and others pushing and tugging on their purse strings so I sure do not want to be one more person doing that to them. Good business? Bad business? I do not know – I just know it seems the right thing to do.


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