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I wrote about attorney fees in a Chapter 13 and attorney fees in bankruptcy in general several months ago and I would like to now touch on the issue of the initial consultation.

Since I have not been a consumer of a bankruptcy attorney’s services, I do not know how other attorneys handle initial consultations. From what I have heard, though, some law firms tell callers to just gather up certain documents, come on in, and they will get their bankruptcy filed. My practice, in contrast, has been to meet with folks and talk over their entire financial picture and then lay out their options. I have noticed that most of my initial consultations run about 1 hour and 10 to 15 minutes long. I have had some that were longer and some shorter. However, even though it might mean the loss of a fee for a bankruptcy filing, I take time to spell out all the options and some of the consequences of each. Sometimes the facts are such that I dissuade the client from filing bankruptcy.

My hope is that if you are facing a possible bankruptcy, that you do not end up feeling shuttled quickly into filing. Rather, my hope is that you are able to meet with the attorney that would handle your matter and get all of your questions answered so you can make the best decision for your life.


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