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International adoption: two paths to domestic confirmation

Many agencies offer quality services in arranging and facilitating international adoptions of children from diverse countries such as Russian, China and Ethiopia (plus so many others). While the stateside fees remain reasonable, fees in the other country can be very high. One who is adopting from China, for example, can expect to pay over $15,000.00 in US dollars in various fees. It is important to find an agency familiar with the process in that country to give good guidance. For instance, the fees in China must be paid with new crisp and clean US currency; they will not accept crumpled, aged bills and you would not want to show up to bring your child home without that knowledge.

After returning from overseas with your child, it is also important to know the next step to take. This will depend on whether you just obtained legal custody of your child in the other country or you obtained a full adoption. If the latter, then your next step is dictated by KRS 199.585 where the foreign adoption decree is to be presented to the Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. If everything is in order, then the Secretary will register this foreign adoption and no other steps are required. If, however, you did not receive a valid adoption decree, then KRS 199.470 guides you to file a petition to adopt here in Kentucky.

Either way, finalizing the international adoption is a joyous occasion calling for celebration.

May 26, 2007 - Posted by | Adoption, Family Law

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