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Child support typically continues beyond age 18

Check out this post by Elusive Justice regarding child support. As E.J. points out, child support typically continues on through a child’s 19th year as long as they remain in high school. There are also statutory provisions for health care insurance coverage even beyond that. The women E.J. spoke of was trying to save money because she simply did not have funds to retain a lawyer. Unfortunately, that decision will probably cost her far more in the long-run.

This brings we to a point about small firms and solo practices that I very much like. I can give a short consultation to a person like in E.J.’s scenario either for free or a low fee. Even if I charge my hourly rate, just getting advise on that matter would have cost roughly $50 because it would not have taken long. A major savings over the fees she may rack up if the ex-spouse stops child support over the inadvertent agreement.


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